Best All Around Mouse for pro level Gamers

Best All Around Mouse for pro level Gamers

Best All Around Mouse for pro level Gamers

Razer Mamba mause Hyperflux & Firefly

In short lines:

Razer Mamba Hyperflux & Firefly Hyperflux Bundle: Wireless Power Technology - 5G True 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Razer Chroma Eneabled - Ultra-Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse.

A fully wireless, inductive-charging gaming mouse with high-precision, excellent buttons, and some nice glowing Chroma? The Razer Mamba Hyperflux & Firefly mat are super expensive, but this is a mouse from the future. It's great for gaming, daily work, and it just works. Being wireless and constantly charging from the mat is amazing, something I wish all computer mice could do.


Razer HyperFlux Wireless Power Technology enabled mouse mats create a magnetic field that efficiently transfers power directly to their companion mouse


Weighing only 96 g, a weight traditionally only achieved by wired gaming mice.


True 16,000 DPI 5G Optical Sensor


Easily switch between Speed (hard) for quick mouse swipes or Control (cloth) for precise aiming

Also read:-


Do not put the product on top of metallic surfaces or within one meter of a wifi router. Do not place cellphones or metallic objects on top of the product

On the topic of charging, it’s also worth noting that the mouse doesn’t receive power if part of it is hanging off the side of the mat. For instance, moving the Mamba to the very edge of the Firefly, with the top inch of the mouse over the edge, will cause the mouse to stop receiving power. There’s a handy LED bar underneath the Razer logo which will light up if the mouse is receiving power, though, so you’re not left guessing. If the LED turns off, it means no power is being received.

The last thing to note about the Firefly is that it can be used as a hard or soft surface. The Firefly has a hard plastic frame, but the inner mouse pad area itself is removable and double-sided – you can just lift it up and choose whether you want the hard or soft surface. Measuring 355 mm X 282.5 mm X 12.9 mm it is not the biggest mouse pad out there, but it did not cause me any problems and I’d wager it’ll be fine for most people.

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