Intelligent Magic Smart Ring

fwm R3 smart ring is a Wearable electronic components, it can connect IC / ID / NFC Card Reader like doorlock or cellphone to Unlock、Pay、Share information or Operate some mobile function ; Original Health Module can improve human performance effectively. The product shape is designed according to the international popular elements, created by the pure medical titanium, no need to charge, high waterproof, and suitable for any people at any time. 

[[Feature introduction] 
It has noble quality of no discoloration, and it is suitable for everyone to wear and never cause allergy. 

It goes through 73 hours of continuous processing and every detail perfectly interprets the standard of light luxury Consumer Electronics. 

Health Module 
--Volcanic Magnet 
--FIR Energy Stone 
The three Natural devices can improve human performance effectively. 

The M1 and ID Letters area can simulate and copy full frequency various kinds of non-contact IC/ ID card smart chips, such as 13.56 MHZ frequency band of Mifare S50 M1, Fudan F08 IC card chip, or 125 KHZ frequency band of EM/HID/TI series ID card chip. 

House door 
Building door 
Elevator card 
Parking card 
Attendance machine 
Payment card, POS machine 
Supermarket card 
Bus card and Metro card 

The NFC Letters can launch many NFC features in Android phone. 

Private Note 
Mobile phone lock 
Quick start 
Share information 

No need battery charging 
Waterproof dust-proof and fall-proof 
Full U.S. sizes optional --- #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 

Features & details

  • fwm R3 Smart Ring is a Wearable electronic components.
  • fwm R3 can simulate and copy any IC and ID cards , like access control cards of House door or Building door, Elevator card, Parking card, Time card, Payment card, Supermarket card, transportation card.
  • fwm R3 has Build-in Germanium, Volcanic Magnet and FIR Energy Stone in this ring , it can improve human performance effectively
  • fwm R3 carries a new NXP smart NFC chip, it brings top speed operation experience to the following Android mobile NFC features,like "Private Note","Mobile phone lock","Quick start","Share information".
  • fwm R3 No need battery charging and IP68 Waterproof.

Product information

Reading through the reviews, I was scared of purchasing this item however, thanks to Prime, I decided to just go for it.

This is my 1 day review.


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